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Budgets & Plans

The Ogdensburg Elementary School budget run on a 12-month fiscal year, beginning October 1st. View and download this year’s annual budget, along with budget vs actual comparisons for years past, dedicated plans, and relevant contracts.

Dedicated Plans

Technology Plan 2017-2022

The Technology Plan for 2017-2022 will help grow to a one-to-one technology/student ratio, more readily addressing the diverse learning styles and learning rates of individual students from an early age.  Providing technology support in all areas will promote academic achievement and encourage cooperative learning.

Professional Development Plan, 2018-2019

The District Professional Development Plan for 2018-2019 addresses utilizing data to assist in the development of instruction. The volume of data developed through several assessment types guides the choice of educator’s professional development, the choice of tools and programs, and the individualized instruction.

Relevant Contracts