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Mission Statement of the Ogdensburg Elementary School

The Ogdensburg Borough Public School District, in partnership with the community, is committed to providing twenty-first century opportunities for the development of the academic, social, and emotional growth of all of our students.

The Ogdensburg Borough Board of Education, district administration, and staff are committed to creating and maintaining a challenging educational program that addresses the individual needs of all students in a positive and safe learning environment. We are striving for dynamic curriculum development, upgrades in technology, and a variety of activities that will provide for differences in student interests and abilities across a comprehensive school program.

Our goal at Ogdensburg School is to be on the move toward higher student achievement, active learning, greater student participation, and a better and safer facility. We are excited about the future of our school and the success of our students. We look forward to this year and to the future.


Student-centered, learner active, technology-infused classrooms support students in becoming independent, efficacious learners. These strategies coupled with peer collaboration prepare students for college and provide life skills which carry over into the future job market.

District Goals, 2022-2023

  1. Continue to collaborate with the schools in the region to align our curricular programs and develop a shared curricular vision. 
  2. Continue building and communicating an honest assessment of our school and the high quality of the educational experience in order to educate and involve our community in supporting the school. 
  3. Align budgetary realities with school priorities: 
    • Academics
    • Facilities

Board of Education Members

Brendan Donegan
Toni Corban
Laz Menendez
Dan Mortensen
Alyssa Allen
Heather Schinn
Stacy Walsh