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Response to Intervention 

What is Response to Intervention (formerly I&RS)?

A teacher routinely differentiates instruction to address a child’s needs in the classroom. However, the teacher requests services of the Response to Intervention Committee when a particular child continues to have difficulties despite these efforts.

Response to Intervention (RTI) is an interdisciplinary team who work together to assist teachers and families in developing plans with interventions to assist referred students in the general education classroom.                    

Why is my child being referred to RTI?

  • Academic concerns
  • Social/Emotional concerns
  • Physical concerns

How will I know that my child has been referred?

  • The teacher who has referred the student will contact parents/guardians prior to the RTI meeting.
  • Parents will be involved in the meetings either through phone or in person.

How is follow-up provided?

The action plan is monitored by the classroom teacher and the RTI Committee. At a time specified within the plan, the teacher meets with RTI Committee once again to report on its success. If the child’s needs are not being met by the initial plan, additional interventions may be suggested and modifications will be made to the plan.

Is this the same as referral for Special Education?  

RTI recommends actions intended to help resolve the challenge identified to prevent referral to the Child Study Team. If the actions taken and resources used are not adequate and the problem still remains, the child’s needs may suggest referral to the Child Study Team. Parents/guardians will participate in the decision as to whether a Child Study Team evaluation will be done.

RTI Committee Members

Skye Patete – Assistant Principal & RTI Coordinator

Marisa Baeli – Academic Support & Basic Skills Teacher 

Lisa Sears – Learning Consultant

Lisa Bruning – Resource Teacher

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Preschool Intervention and Referral Team 

The primary role of the Preschool Intervention and Referral Team (PIRT) is to provide support and suggest interventions to preschool staff so that all children can succeed in general education. PIRT provides learning, social, speech and language, motor and/or behavioral support through observations, ongoing records, screenings, interviews, and other informal assessments.

PIRT Team members

Marisa Baeli- PIRT specialist/Preschool Master Teacher/Reading Specialist

Skye Patete- Assistant Principal

Leanne Paolazzi- Supervisor of Special Education/School Psychologist

Lisa Sears- Learning Disability Teacher Consultant

Therapists and specialists may also attend PIRT meetings when appropriate.

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