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Clubs and Activities


If you are interested in participating in a club, please contact the club’s advisor.  

Gifted and Talented
Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grade students participate in the Gifted and Talented program. This program meets once per week after school. Students experience a variety of topics and activities. Student Language and Math scores on standardized tests as well as report card grades are the first criteria for this program. Administration of the SAGES test for gifted and talented students identifies the students who will participate in the program.
If any parent has a complaint please refer to Board policy 2464 and contact the Superintendent.
Club Advisor: Mr. Ray DeLear
Green Team

The Ogdensburg Green Team is open to students in the fifth through eighth grades. The Green Team students are involved in: plans for our Earth Day Celebration activities, Waste Watchers for our garbage and recycling weekly totals, Recycling Rangers to monitor recycling in the classrooms, weekly eco-announcements, lists of eco activities and challenges for the classrooms, outside planting, and collection drives. Green Team groups meet several times a month.

Club Advisors: Mrs. Michelle Cooper & Ms. Collette Liberatore:

Homework Club 

For: Students Grades 4-8

Description: The purpose of the club is to provide some assistance, give access to computers and to provide a quiet place after school to get homework done. Students, parents or teachers can request that a student attend. A Homework Club permission slip is required before attending. (Also available at the office.) 

When: Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 2:50 to 3:50.

Club Advisors: Ms. Cooke and Ms. Stagg

Math Homework Club

Math Homework Club is for 7th and 8th grade students who would like to complete their math homework once a week and be given support as needed. We meet once a week for an hour and the day and times vary based on the students involved and their after school commitments. During this time students work on math homework and the advisor will ensure students are comprehending the content and work in small groups or one on one if necessary.

Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol is for students in Grades 6-8. Students may choose to serve on morning or afternoon duty. The job of the Safety Patrol is to make sure students are arriving and departing school in a safe manner. Posts are given on a rotating basis and the students of the Safety Patrol serve the school all year, usually outside in the elements. Morning duty begins at 7:40 and afternoon duty ends at 3:05.

Club Advisor: Mr. Astor

School Musical

The School Musical offers students the opportunity to participate in a performance that involves theater, singing, and dancing. The benefits of collaboration and a developing stage presence are strengths of the program.  Students audition for a panel of judges to earn the various parts each year.

School Store

The Ogdensburg School Store is run by the students in Miss Stagg’s class. The store is open on the last Friday of each month in Miss Stagg’s classroom.  All students are invited to shop during their class’ scheduled time.  School Store preparation work is done as part of the class’  life skills learning.  Running the school store gives students the opportunity to learn how to count money, create inventory records, order new supplies, and create advertising campaigns.  Students also have the opportunity to participate in interactive social situations.  The students on the staff take turns filling the positions of cashier, bagger, greeter and sales associates.  

The school store sells a variety of items such as notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, dry erase markers as well as a large variety of novelty items.  Prices range from .50 to $2.00

Club Advisor: Miss Stagg

Student Council

A group of elected students who work with an advisor for student expression and leadership.

Club Advisor: Brittney Zagleski


Yearbook Club is open to eighth grade students. Requirements for Yearbook Club are to follow guidelines for use of the school camera, attend meetings, and take an active role in the planning of the Ogdensburg Yearbook. Yearbook Club meets twice a month and twice each week during recess. Specific dates are listed on Mrs. Olsen’s website. Yearbook Staff Members are responsible for taking photographs and creating page layouts for the upcoming yearbook. Each member is assigned a certain number of pages to design for our yearbook. Students also decide on the cover.

Club Advisor: Mrs. Brittney Zagleski


Boys Basketball

Girls Basketball

Field Hockey



If you are interested in playing on a team, please contact Mr. Hornyak.

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