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Morning News Interview Program

Morning News Interview Program

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Ogdensburg School is entering its third year of the Morning News Program.  This is a live news-style broadcast, presented by our 8th graders, that is viewed each morning by our students and staff.  The Ogdensburg Morning News is broadcast through a closed circuit channel which is only viewable within the school network.  It is NOT sent out over the internet.

As part of the expansion of this program, the news crew will be producing short features covering events happening around the school throughout the year.  We will be visiting classrooms, sports practices, concert rehearsals, and more.  These features will include very short interviews with students and staff members.  The questions will be short, simple, and easy to answer.  The footage collected will be edited and produced into 1-2 minute segments.  Not all students who are interviewed will appear in the final broadcast.

Please note that all internet safety and security protocols are being strictly adhered to during the production of these broadcasts.

Students appearing on our “No Photograph” list will not be filmed or interviewed.

We will not film or interview students who inform us that they do not wish to participate.

If you would like to request that your child NOT be interviewed, please reach out to the main office.  If you have questions about the program, you may direct them to Mr. DeLear:


Ray DeLear

Music Teacher | Gifted and Talented Coordinator

Ogdensburg School