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PEER Program Information

PEER Program Flyer

Has your child been impacted by COVID- 19 related stress? CEC is excited to introduce the PEER (Psychoeducation, Executive Functioning, Emotional Regulation, and Resilience) Program!

PEER is a therapeutic program that was created in order to help children and adolescents cope with COVID-19 related stress that may have negatively impacted their mental health or behavioral functioning. The goal of PEER is to help children and adolescents cope with these stressors by learning different strategies to improve their executive functioning, their emotional regulation, and becoming more resilient. The PEER program also incorporates the parents and caregivers to teach them how they can support their children, help them to be resilient, and “bounce back” from the stress they have experienced during the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you are interested in joining, please contact

PEER is made possible through the generous funding of the Newton Medical Center Community Advisory Board and is free of cost for all participants! PEER will occur either virtually or in person, depending on participation.