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Last day of school and DPW

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Ogdensburg School Parents,

I just wanted to welcome you and your child(ren) to the Ogdensburg 2022-2023 school year. The staff and administration, along with Lizzie and Luna, are looking forward to working with you in our shared commitment to assist your children to reach their fullest potential. 

I do want to remind you that Back to School nights will be Wednesday September 7th for grades 5-8 and September 8 for Pre-K to 4. Both nights start promptly at 6:30. I also welcome you to visit our website and Facebook page for information about important dates and “happenings” within the school.

I would like to alert you to a potential situation which may prevent the school from closing in June as currently planned. On the calendar, the last day of school for this year is tentatively projected to be June 9th. Due to the possibility that our school may be required to close more frequently due to inclement weather and dangerous road conditions that date may have to be extended. Currently, the Ogdensburg Town Council is experiencing difficulties maintaining employees within the DPW, which plows our roads during inclement weather. If the Council is unable to secure reliable and effective snow removal services, the roads will/may be unsafe to travel and the school will be unable to open, thus pushing our last day back. As you know we are required to have 180 days of school for the students and several Professional Service days in order to comply with State mandates. The more we are forced to close due to inclement weather or the inability to open the school due to unsafe roads or unsafe conditions on the property of the school, the more we have to move the “last day” date back. 

I write this just to inform you of the reasons why we may have an unusually high amount of “snow days” this year. Winter is just around the corner and I am also aware that many of you try to plan around the school year ending. 

Should you have any questions regarding school activities or events, please feel free to reach out to me. Hopefully I will see you all at our Back to School nights and please enjoy the 2022-23 school year.

Dave Astor